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  • Flag Friday: Showcasing the diversity of Davies

    William M. Davies, Jr. Career and Technical High School will begin to reflect the diversity of its students and staff through the display of flags in front of the school. Davies is a state-owned and operated career and technical high school. There is always an American flag and Rhode Island state flag outside the front entrance. The third flag pole was typically utilized for the flag of Davies but will now showcase a different countries flag.

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  • In The Loop - Davies' Student Newspaper

    Check out this year's second edition of In the Loop, capturing some of the events and accomplishments taking place in the Davies community from the students' perspective. If you know of any upcoming events that you'd like to see featured or have ideas to add to next month's edition, please email me, Beth Dumouchelle or our two editors: Averie Langdeau and Julie Lavigne.

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  • Upcoming Parent Workshops - RSVP Today!

    The Davies' Community and Parent Relations Committee is proud to offer parents four upcoming workshops covering the topics of Social Media, Bullying, Social Emotional Learning, and Grief & Loss. All will be offered in English and Spanish. Grief & Loss in Spanish will cover Immigration (Inmigración). RSVP today to Mrs. Morrobel to reserve your space.

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  • Davies Fundraising - Help support Davies today!

    With the school year in full swing, our school is constantly fundraising to provide our students with excellent student activities. Our school funds are for educational purposes, therefore, we must fundraise for student activities. These activities include dances, field days, field trips, and more. Help support our students and school by taking part in one or all of these current fundraisers.

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  • 2019-2020 RI Prototype Household Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals

    All 2019-2020 RI Prototype Household Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals forms are due Tuesday, October 8th, 2019. Students who do not submit their forms will be required to pay for lunch.

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Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide a challenging academic and technical education within a safe and supportive environment which ensures every industry-certified graduate is capable of pursuing higher education and becoming a productive participant in today’s workforce.

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The Career and Tech Advantage

  • At Davies Career and Technical, we are not a vo-tech school. We are creators of innovators for the twenty-first century. Our students see their education in action and put their technical training to use in internships, job shadowing, and placement opportunities through Davies’ dedicated Office of Workforce Development. And through their academic skills, they strive to not only pursue their dreams, but to one day become leaders.

    According to a 2016 report from the Fordham Institute in Washington, D.C., the statistics are in and they show: students at career and tech schools are just as likely to pursue a four-year degree and more likely to graduate, enroll in a two-year college, and be employed. Data from the U.S. Department of Education agrees; students with industry credentials - like the ones more than 90% of our students earn at Davies - are more likely to be employed than people with academic credentials alone.