• Reading is considered by the Board of Trustees and the staff at Davies to be a fundamental necessity to be possessed by all students if they are to become successful citizens.  Students who are assessed at below grade level in reading based upon our screening process will be required to take Reading class each year until the student reaches the appropriate reading level.  For students that are assigned Reading class, Personal Literacy Plans will be written and reviewed with parents on any student that tests more than one grade level below on second tier testing administered in Reading class.  Progress monitoring will be recorded on comprehension skills, building vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and fluency. Students will also work on sentence structure, paragraph structure, and writing.  A variety of reading strategies will be used including computerized comprehension and vocabulary programs, and Science Research Associates reading programs.  Students are required to read for homework each week, from teacher approved books, and report on their reading weekly. Reading can be one period every day in grade 9 or it can be one period on alternate weeks in grades 10-12, based on standardized pre- and post-testing results.