Physical Education and Health

  • Physical Education at Davies is comprised of health education class and offers various electives, including weight training and conditioning. Health courses are designed to give students the skills to manage stress, identify signs of mental disorders, identify risky behaviors, and obtain tools to promote a positive self-image. Students will also review relationship abuse, learn about the stages of life, and learn where and how to access healthcare for themselves and their families, among other topics important to adolescents.

    All students are required to take physical education as a Rhode Island condition of graduation. Students must be appropriately dressed. There are no official colors or gym uniforms. Every student is expected to report to class with a jersey, shorts, socks and sneakers or other appropriate attire as determined by the physical education instructor because of health and safety regulations. In order for a student to be granted a medical excuse from any course(s), including physical education, a physician's certificate designating the length of time and the reason must be presented to the nurse’s office.