School Nurse

  • About the health office and its services:

    • The services of a registered nurse are available to any student in the case of sudden illness or accident. First aid will be administered and an attempt will be made to notify a parent/guardian.
    • First aid is immediate, temporary care, which excludes the administration of medication. Please note that the school nurse does not treat illness or accidents that have occurred outside the school's jurisdiction.
    • An emergency health form will be given to each student. It must be completed by the parent/guardian and immediately returned to the nurse's office.
    • Students should only report to the nurse's office during the school day when summoned, or when absolutely necessary due to illness or accident. It is the student's responsibility to receive permission and a corridor pass from the student's teacher in order to go the nurse's office.
    • In order for a student to be granted a medical excuse from any course(s), including physical education, a physician's certificate designating the length of time and the reason must be presented to the nurse’s office.
      • Parents/Guardians: If for any reason at any time you take your child to the doctor, please provide a doctor’s note to the nurse so records may be updated. Notes from doctors are required for absences to be excused.
    • All students trying out for a sports team must have a yearly physical on file with the school nurse.

    If a student requires medicine on a regular basis:

    • If you are diagnosed with any health condition that requires any special attention, including taking medicine, please inform the nurse. Any student requiring any medication in school must have a note from the doctor and the parent/guardian to take such medicine in school. This includes prescription as well as over-the-counter medications. All pills must be kept in the nurse’s office in the original container, not in baggies.
    • Any student who has asthma and requires an inhaler must have a note from the doctor which states: “May carry and self-medicate.”
    • Students who have allergic reactions and require the use of an EPI-PEN must provide a doctor’s note and CARRY the EPI-PEN on their person.