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  • School year 2022-2023 is upon us! Please mark your calendar to ensure you are present for all the parent-engagement events this year.

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    Freshmen Welcome - For Freshmen and new 10th grader parents - August 24, 2022 5:30-8pm

    Parent-Teacher Meet and Greet - All grades - September 22, 2022 5:30pm Parent Workshop, 6-8pm Abbreviated Schedule

    Parent-Teacher Conferences (Academic & Technical) - All grades - October 20, 2022 12:10-2:10pm Session 1, 5:30pm Parent Workshop, 6-8pm Session 2 (HALF DAY FOR STUDENTS)

    Parent-Teacher Conferences (Academic & Technical) - All grades - March 2, 2023 12:10-2:10pm Afternoon Session Only (HALF DAY FOR STUDENTS)

    Rising Senior Night - For juniors and their parents/guardians - March 16, 2022 6-8pm Information on what to expect in your Senior year at Davies.

    Join the CPR Committee and become a true Patriot Parent!

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  • Students Supports Information

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  • How to check your child's grades on Gradebook

    Gradebook Instructional Video

    Username = student's ID number-FLLLL (Parent/Guardian's first initial of first name, first four letters of last name)
    Password = student's date of birth (mmddyyyy) no formatting characters

    Nombre de usuario: número de identificación del estudiante-FLLLL (el padres primera inicial del primer nombre, primeras cuatro letras del apellido) ejemplo: 123456789-JSMIT
    Contraseña: Fecha de nacimiento del estudiante (sin caracteres de formato) ejemplo: mmddyyyy 
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  • Start building your future today through the PrepareRI High School Internship Program which provides high school students with paid summer experiential learning internships connecting school learning with the world of work.

    Poster in English and Spanish


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  • Roadmap to College

    Document in English

    Document in Spanish

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  • How to use the Website

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  • What is Davies' Home School Compact?

    As we strive for academic excellence and a high level of literacy for all of our students we realize that an educational institution cannot accomplish this goal alone. When a partnership exists between school, family and student and the goals and responsibilities for each party are clear, student achievement will improve. The following is a compact, which is a voluntary agreement between Davies’ administration and staff and our families and students with the sole purpose of helping all of our students to reach their full academic potential.
    Family Responsibilities (Read the full compact here)
    1. Through collaboration, participate with school staff in creating a school vision and quality educational program that is understood and embraced by all.
    2. Communicate to my child the value of an education and provide home support for the educational process.
    3. Establish a study time with my child and provide a quiet, distraction free environment.
    4. Participate in training opportunities with staff to improve teaching and learning.
    5. Communicate regularly with the school.
    6. Respect the school, staff, students and families.
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  • Helping you make technology work for your family

    Parenting today involves raising the first generation of kids growing up with technology all around them — at school, at home, and in their pockets. As you chart the path that feels right for your family, we’re here to help.

    Click Here

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  • Lunch Money Information

    How to add money to your student's account for touchless transactions.

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  • New Inclement Weather Policy

    Click here to read the new policy.

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  • MegaSkills at Davies: A Program to Develop the Life Skills Needed for Success in School & Beyond.

    The video is from the 2012 Spanish session of MegaSkills but it's a great look into the program. We are currently soliciting families for this year's English and Spanish sessions of MegaSkills.

    Sign up for our next session:

    To Register or Ask Questions, Please Contact:Felicia Morrobel, Parent Liaison 728-1500 x 304 or

    MegaSkills at Davies: A Program to Develop the Life Skills Needed for Success in School & Beyond.

    Confidence, perseverance, team work, motivation, caring, effort, focus, responsibility, common sense, initiative, and problem solving. We call these eleven areas MegaSkills. Through our free program at Davies, you can help your child:

    Do better at school.
    Strengthen family bonds.
    Get along better with others by equipping them with these essential life skills.

    The MegaSkills program isn’t only for Davies parents. Teachers, students, family friend, relative or anyone else who has a connection with your student. We have parents who decide to attend solo and parents who decide to have their student attend with them. The choice is yours!Program Description:When you take our free MegaSkills program, you can expect:
    •Weekly activities and learning strategies to use at home
    •To learn confidence, focus, motivation, and more MegaSkills in a relaxed, supportive environment
    •To receive a “Completion of Program” certificate when you attend all the classes
    •A chance to win a weekly door prize

    Sign up for our next session:

    To Register or Ask Questions, Please Contact:Felicia Morrobel, Parent Liaison 728-1500 x 304 or

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  • Daily Announcements

    Head over to the daily morning announcements by clicking here.

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  • Online Safety Tips

    The vast majority of us use the internet to socialize, work, learn, and play. But widespread use doesn’t necessarily mean widespread understanding. The good news is there are easy ways to keep your internet use safe and constructive. We’ve compiled some of our best advice here.

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