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  • 1 Policy Table of Contents

    This document shows which policy is under which category. (Updated 2/15/24)

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  • 2 Introduction

    This Manual constitutes the formal statement of the Human Resources policies and procedures applicable to employees in their employment relationship with William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies). The Manual is designed to provide managerial and supervisory personnel, along with all employees, with uniform knowledge of Davies’ Policies and Procedures, in order to assure equitable and consistent application. This Manual is not intended to be an inflexible rule book. Rather it should be a resource for interpreting the variety of situations that can occur in the workplace.

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  • 3 Administration / Board of Trustees

    The William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies) is a state-operated school governed by an independent, business-led Board of Trustees (Board) who are the policymakers for the school. Under the auspices of the Board, the Director is independently responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school.

    Included in this section are:

    Badge Policy

    Building Closure

    Copy Machine and Reproductions

    Davies Guest and Visitor Policy/Procedure

    Dress Code Guidelines

    Facility Usage

    Flexible Work Hours Policy

    Fund Raising

    Guide for Davies Class Advisors

    Staff Parking

    Personal Communication

    Board of Regents' Personnel Policy Manual

    Walkie Talkie Etiquette

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  • 4 Business Office

    The Business Office of the William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies) traditionally has encompassed all financial functions, including but not limited to: budgeting; purchasing; accounts payable; payroll; accounts receivable; the student lunch program; as well as all financial reporting as required both internally and externally. In addition, the Business Office plays a key role in all facility projects and the negotiation and execution of all of Davies’ contracts (labor and the purchase of goods and contracted services). The Business Office is also responsible for all communication systems within the school, which includes the in-house Simplex telephone switch and its related telephone equipment, including the Audix voicemail system.

    Included in this section are:

    Out-of-State Travel Policy

    In-State Automobile Travel Reimbursement Form

    Appointment of Authorized Agent

    Departmental Budgeting Process

    Donated Equipment

    Equipment Purchases & Projects - Costing and Budgeting Procedures

    Front Desk

    In-State Travel Reimbursement

    Ordering of Office/Classroom Supplies

    Out-of-State Travel Expense Report

    Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement

    Receiving Area Procedures

    State/Davies Purchasing Procedures

    Student Activities Account

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  • 5 Workforce Development

    The Office of Workforce Development will focus on developing and maintaining strategic community and business partnerships. They will assist technical teachers in recruiting Advisory Board Members.

    Included in this section are:

    Work Based Learning Eligibility Requirements

    Business Partnership Agreements

    Work-Based Learning


    Chauffeur's License

    Davies Activities Van Use

    Dress for Success

    Site Visits

    Workbased Learning Agreement Form

    Work-based Learning Eligibility Form

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  • 6 Public Relations

    The Marketing Communications Specialist focuses on enhancing public awareness of William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies) and its programs and improving parental involvement in school programs. Promoting public awareness will focus primarily on the parent, business and community audiences by expanding the use of media, social media, the Davies website and printed materials. Major promotions will target the Community and Parent Relations Committee and related activities for parents, the Davies Community Showcase, and other events that promote students, teachers and programs.

    Included in this section:

    Media Relations

    Photo Release Policy

    Public Relations

    School-Wide Announcements

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  • 7 Facilities

    The Facilities Department is supervised by the Facilities Coordinator who supervises a staff of Janitors, one Assistant Building Grounds Officer, and one Groundskeeper. This department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all students and staff are safe from any physical or biological harm by:
    1. Maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe school
    2. Maintaining the structural systems relative to the school’s physical plant

    Included in this section are:

    Energy Star Purchasing Policy

    Receivership of Deliveries

    Snow and Ice Removal

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  • 8 Guidance (School Counselors)

    The Guidance Department functions as a full service department serving the needs of students, parents, teachers and staff based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards. Ongoing activities include scheduling students according to testing and other measurable factors for freshmen students. Upper class students are scheduled according to teacher recommendation and student and parent requests. In addition to academic, personal and crisis intervention counseling roles, the annual Guidance calendar highlights the other routine roles of the department: grade monitoring, mid and end of term reports, scheduling students into the Academic Recovery program, end of year exam scheduling, SAT and PSAT testing, Stanford testing for applying students, placing and monitoring students in technical programs. Additionally, the staff oversees 504 plans, attends special education meetings and reviews, and attends team common planning meetings. Counselors facilitate student learning about the process and applying to higher educational settings to include dual enrollment programs in senior year. The staff supports the Workforce Development office in their Work Based Learning program and other programs. The counselors meet weekly with the Supervisor of Student Management.

    Included in this section are:

    Davies’ Admissions Policy and Procedure (Updated 1/11/24)

    2020-2021 Grading Policy

    Change of Address Form

    Change of Address Policy

    Credit/Course Recovery

    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

    Proficiency Based Graduation Requirement (PBGR)


    Student-Athlete Eligibility Policy

    Student Residency Requirements Policy & Procedure

    Student Withdrawal Procedures

    Transfer Students

    Dual Enrollment (added 2/15/24)

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  • 8b Davies’ Admissions Policy and Procedure (Only)

    Under RI Gen. Laws 16-45-1.1, Davies Board of Trustees is required to develop admissions criteria and assessment procedures that shall promote equal access, enrollment, and
    participation in vocational programming regardless of age, sex, race, limited English proficiency, disadvantage, or disability. Such an admission process is necessary in career and technical education (CTE) programs where space is a limiting factor. CTE programs are designed and equipped to serve a specific maximum number of students safely. Consequently, a complex of such laboratories lacks both the space and flexibility to accommodate the possible needs and/or interests of all applicants. Therefore, a selection process is necessary and appropriate.

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  • 9 Human Resources

    The Human Resources (HR) Department plays an integral role in the strategic management of an organization. The HR Department at William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies) handles a multitude of activities that includes acting as the liaison for the Rhode Island Department of Administration, HR planning and analysis, equal employment compliance, employment action processes, compliance with policy and procedure, employee advocacy, contract negotiations, Davies employee liaison to the Board of Trustees, teacher coverage/substitute needs, staffing, HR development, compensation and benefits, health and safety awareness, security issues, HRIS, ethics, evaluation standards, HR training, employee and labor management relations.

    Included in this section are:

    Discrimination and Harassment: Nondiscrimination/Anti-harassment
    Policy and Complaint Procedure

    Exit Interview Policy

    Exit Interview Survey Form

    Extra-Curricular Activity Appointments

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    Frontline Policy/Request for Leave (Updated 12/4/23)

    Request for Medical Workplace Accommodation Form

    Medical Accommodation Request

    Organizational and Employee Development

    School Improvement and Professional Enrichment (SIPE) Guidelines

    Social Media Policy

    Time Clock

    Worker’s Compensation Guidelines

    Title IX (added 2/15/24)

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  • 10 Instruction

    William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies) employs three Supervisors of Instruction. The Supervisor of Academic Instruction, the Supervisor of Student Supports, and the Supervisor of Technical Instruction serve as the Administrators of all aspects of the educational programs at Davies including development, evaluation, improvement and

    Included in this section are:

    Academic Book Room

    Official Policy and Procedure for In Class Academic Recovery

    Official Policy and Procedure for Remote Academic Recovery Classes

    Response To Intervention

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  • 11 Information Technology

    The Information Technology (IT) operations provide technical support and oversight for the school’s technology infrastructure along with managing the data needed to support administrative decision making and Federal and State reporting requirements for performance based goals and objectives.

    Included in this section:

    1:1 Program Student Responsibilities

    Employee Internet Acceptable Use Policy

    Help Desk/IT Work Order Policy

    Portable Computing Policy and Equipment Use Agreement

    Responsible Use of Technology Policy

    Student Internet Acceptable Use Policy

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  • 12 Student Management

    The Office of Student Management oversees all of the student discipline, student attendance, performance enhancement plans and interventions at William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies). The Supervisor of Student Management coordinates efforts between parents and the Guidance Department.

    Included in this section are:

    Activity Requests/Site Visit Requests Procedure

    Activities Request Form


    Bullying/Harassment Policy

    Cafetorium/Food Policy

    Dating Violence

    Discipline Policy

    Dress Code - Student

    Electronic Device Policy

    Extra-Curricular/After-School Activities

    IDs and Agenda Use

    Office Detention Policy

    Physical Restraint/Crisis Intervention

    Protocols Governing the Administration of Medical Marijuana to

    Davies’ Policy Addressing the Rights of Transgender and Gender
    Non-Conforming Students to a Safe, Supportive and
    Non-discriminatory School Environment.

    Inclement Weather Policy

    Student Parking

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  • 13 COVID

    During unprecedented times such as this, additional policies are required to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students at William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies). The policies in this section are to be followed during times that the school is following Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for pandemic safety.

    Included in this section are:

    Responding to Positive Cases

    Screening Policy 21-22

    Secreening Policy

    Social Distancing Policy 21-22

    Social Distancing Policy

    Face Mask Policy 3_4_22

    Athletic Guidance (COVID)

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