Biomanufacturing Technology

  • Biotechnology is the use of living things or their products in industry or technology. The Biomanufacturing Technology program offers a four-year program to prepare graduates for entry into the cutting edge of science in Biotechnology. Employment in this fast growing industry offers excellent pay, opportunities for advancement, and educational benefits to their employees. For people with a background in biological science and good laboratory or computer skills, there are many positions available. The program focuses on laboratory skills and applications that are transferable to many different fields of science and industries.

    The curriculum is guided by the Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative and the Community College of Rhode Island. Graduates are job-ready for immediate employment with local and worldwide companies servicing the drug/medicine industry, forensics labs, environmental services, and agriculture industries. Graduates are also college ready if they choose to continue their education.


  • Biomanufacturing Technology Teachers

    Louis Cirello,

    Kathy Sutton,


    *Please only contact the above listed teachers if you know them or are a current or former student/parent.

    Business inquiries please reach out to Mrs. Votto, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education at or ext. 266.

    General inquiries please reach out to or ext. 237.