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Daily Morning Announcements

Good Morning Davies! Today is Wednesday, September 30, 2020. It is a C-Day.

Today for lunch it's bacon cheeseburgers and pizza. Mrs. Forgue wants you to know that breakfast is free and she is rolling out some hot breakfast sandwiches -- so be sure to stop at your entrance lunch station, say "hi" to the breakfast professionals and get your breakfast upon entering the building.

Freshmen - today you began a new rotation.

Tomorrow A-J report for in-person learning.

Did you complete the Health Screening App today? Although your entries are private, we can still tell that not everyone is using the Health Screening App. Please use it daily as the first line of defense against COVID. We want to be here for you and we want you to be here. Please help us by completing the app daily. It takes only 3 clicks.

Tuesday, October 6th is Teacher Meet and Greet and this year it's virtual! We look forward to seeing all your parents participate in an abbreviated schedule of your day on Zoom. More information at

Thank you and have a Davies day!