A Message from the Supervisor of Academic Instruction

  • The academic instruction at Davies Career and Technical High School is an integral  component that parallels  the technical exposure that students receive here in their four years' experience in a diverse Rhode Island high school. All of the Rhode Island Department of Education goals and standards are addressed, including but not limited to the following:  in English and Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Literacy; Mathematics, up through and including Algebra II and Trigonometry; Social Studies, including US History and World Cultures; Science, with classes in biology, Environmental Science, Life Science and Physical Science, Biotechnology (in conjunction with the technical area) and chemistry; and Foreign Languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. Students also participate in gym and health related classes designed to inform them of healthy living strategies.

    Our school mission, philosophy, and goals are student-centered with the aim that eve student who attends school here will emerge a better person, citizen, and scholar, aspiring to bring a positive presence to every experience and path they choose to follow.