• Keily Silva Student-Athlete of the Week

    Congratulations to our Student-Athlete of the Week for the Week of 9/18/2023: 

    Keily Silva
    Grade 9
    Girls Soccer

    Here's what Coach Medeiros had to say about Keily:

    Keily is deserving of this award due to her outstanding performance this past week. She scored five goals in an 8-1 victory against Mt. Pleasant. She also scored the only goal against our rival BVP in a 1-0 victory. She was hesitant changing from midfield to forward but she has seamlessly transitioned and jump started the Davies offensive attack.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Iyanna Perry - Sideline Cheer
    Ziahair Gibau - Football
    Bobbi Calder - Girls Cross Country
    Giancarlo Ortega-Aleman - Boys Cross Country
    Luke Ducharme - Boys Soccer
    Caydence Dankwa - Girls Volleyball


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  • Student-Athlete of the Week Matthew Rivera Cruz

    Congratulations to our Student-Athlete of the Week for the Week of 9/11/2023: 

    Matthew Rivera Cruz
    Grade 12
    Boys Soccer

    Here's what Coach Mazzenga had to say about Matthew:

    Matthew exemplifies being a captain on the boys soccer team. He leads by example. He is last to leave the field, to clean garbage and go into the underbrush to find lost soccer balls. He will often talk to the underclassman on responsibilities and roles on the team. On the pitch, Matthew does all of the little things that never end up on a stat page. To date, we are undefeated because of his selfless work on defense.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Melody Cabral - Sideline Cheer
    Dante D'Amico - Football
    Lissalin Guzman - Girls Cross Country
    Jayden Lacasse - Boys Cross Country
    Emely Ramirez - Girls Soccer
    Taliya Robillard-Montas - Girls Volleyball

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  • Davies Football Schedule

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  • Davies offers students the opportunity to participate in the following Varsity Sports:

    Boys Cross Country
    Girls Cross Country
    Sideline Cheer
    Boys Soccer
    Girls Soccer
    Girls Volleyball
    Competitive Cheerleading
    Boys Basketball
    Girls Basketball 
    Boys Baseball
    Girls Fastpitch Softball
    Boys Volleyball

    Physical Examination

    Students registering for Athletics must have a current physical examination on file with the Nurse's Office before the student is authorized to participate in practice/tryouts. To ensure clearance for participation, physicals should be completed and turned in to the Nurse's Office no later than 3 school days prior to the first day of practice/tryouts.

    Physicals are valid for 1 year from the date of the last exam.

    To find your team's schedule, click here.

Athletic Policy

  • Student-Athlete Eligibility Policy.


    1.1 Authority

     The Davies’ Board of Trustees has the authority to adopt an academic eligibility policy for all student-athletes at Wm. M. Davies Jr., Career & Technical High School.  The Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL) sets the minimum standard for academic eligibility, however, member schools and their governing bodies may adopt higher and more demanding eligibility requirements for local use (RIIL Rules and Regulations, Article 3). 

     1.2 Definitions

     Academic Recovery (AR): means classes to provide additional instructional time in core academic subjects (English, math, social studies, science, and reading) for students who have a class average of a 69 or below; therefore providing targeted, intensive support and effective interventions for students who are failing. The hopeful outcome of the Davis Academic Recovery classes is the enhancement and broadening of the reading, writing, and math skills necessary to succeed in the core subject area(s).

     Career and technical Education (CTE) Courses: means courses that are associated with a student career and technical area. Each career and technical area has two courses, theory and practical. Students should be passing both sections in order to be eligible to play in league games.

     Eligible: means students have passed all of their academic and CTE courses and are eligible to play in league games.  To be eligible for fall sports (i.e. Cross Country, Soccer, eSports) students must have passed all courses for the previous year (final course grade).

     Ineligible: means students do not qualify to try out for the team, practice, or play in league games.  Students are ineligible when they fail more than one class for the quarter. 

     Restricted Eligibility: means students are eligible to be part of the team, but cannot play in league games. Students in this category have failed one academic or CTE course and are waiting for the current quarter grades to indicate they are passing. Once the current quarter grades are finalized, and the student is passing all courses, the student can then play in league games.

     1.3 Eligibility Status Based Upon Course Failure


    1. CTE Course Failure

     If a student fails any portion of their CTE course-work for the quarter, the student will have restricted eligibility.  For example, if a student fails theory or practical with a 69 or below, the student will be able to try out and practice with the team, but will not be eligible to play in games.  Students will only be eligible to play in games once the current grading terms ends and only if the student is passing both the theory and practical CTE courses.


    1. Academic Course Failure

     One Academic Course- If a student fails one academic course, the student will be able to try out, practice, and play in league games if the student participates in AR and meets the requirements that follow.


    AR Available: When AR is available, student athletes must do the following:

    1. Students are to arrive at 2:15p and stay until 3:45p and sign in with the AR teacher;
    2. At 3:45p, student-athletes can then go to practice. Student-athletes will receive a slip from their AR teacher to bring to practice to give to their coach. The Athletic Director will provide the students with the slips;
    3. If there is a home game, the student-athlete must attend AR and then report to the game;
    4. If there is an away game, student-athletes are required to attend AR, which may result in them missing the game.
    5. Student-athletes that are removed from AR for behavioral or attendance reasons will immediately become ineligible to participate in athletics.

    AR Not Available: In the circumstance that AR is not offered to students for any reason, students will be placed under restricted eligibility until the close of the current grading term. If the student is in good academic standing by the close of the grading term, the student will then be eligible to play in league games.


    1. Multiple Course Failure: If a student failed more than one course, the student is ineligible to participate in sports for the current season.


    11/28/18 NL, AFT

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