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    Name Title Extension Assignment E-Mail
    Amy Hitzemann Counselor 231 Class of 2020 ahitzemann@daviestech.org
    Amie Mello Counselor 234 Class of 2021 amello@daviestech.org
    Jessica Plumer Counselor 239 Class of 2022 jplumer@daviestech.org
    Patricia Tarpy Counselor 233 Class of 2023 ptarpy@daviestech.org
      Administrative Assistant 225    



    Mrs. Hitzemann

    A Note from Mrs. Hitzemann:

    Hey Seniors!!! I hope all of you had a nice “April vacation and stayed safe. 

    Here are some insights into some senior scholarships. Some of the scholarships have been delayed due to the current situation. Please have them completed by the original date I provided in google classroom. I need to get transcripts and recommendation letters ready for most of the scholarships before you or I can submit them. Many of these you will need to mail to the organizations. We do not want to delay these and have you lose out on vital money. 

    Make sure to check your google classroom and email daily with updates from Mrs. Hitzemann.  I am on google hangouts using my email address ahitzemann@daviestech.org  now we can communicate that way too.  Please feel free to reach out to me at any time during the school day. Just remember that attending your classes and doing the work is your number one priority to make it to graduation. 

    Stay safe and know that we are all in this together and I am here to help you make it to graduation and life beyond Davies.


    Mrs. Mello  

    A Note from Mrs. Mello:

    Hi Juniors! At this point, the SAT is put on hold and will be determined at a later date when it will be rescheduled. I will constantly be updating our Google Classroom with any new information and will be emailing all of you.  I have downloaded Google Hangouts so we can also chat through that. You can find me using my email address: amello@davistech.org I will also be conducting Office Hours via Zoom during assigned times: M-F: 7:35-11 & 12:15-2:11pm.

    Stay well, stay safe, realize we are all in this together and we will get through it!

    Mrs. Mello 


    Mrs. Plumer

    A Note from Mrs. Plumer:

    Hello, Class of 2022! I hope all are staying home and staying healthy! As you are aware I will continue to communicate via email, Google Classroom, and Google Hangouts. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns! At this point, we do know the PSAT 10 is postponed. My best advice is to check your emails often, do not hesitate to ask any questions, do all work assigned and do your best! 

    We’ll get through this together! 

    You can find me using my email address: jplumer@davistech.org I will also be conducting Office Hours via Zoom during assigned times: M-F: 7:35-11:00 & 12:15-2:11pm.


    A Note from Mrs. Tarpy:

    Hello Freshmen! While this is a difficult time for all of us, it is also a time for you to shine and show your commitment to your success. You will begin your technical area on Wednesday, period 1. Be sure to consult the chart for the code you need to put into Zoom to arrive at the correct class. Check your email often! I will be available to answer all of your questions and any concerns that you have via email at ptarpy@daviestech.org. or through Zoom. Just remember that attending your classes and doing the work is your number 1 priority. 

    My office hours for Zoom are M-F 7:35 - 11:00 and 12:15 - 2:11. 

    I have also created a Google Hangouts account.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Davies is taking strides to be as safe and secure as possible. As part of our new Guest/Visitor Policy, we are requiring Guest/Visitor that have official business with Guidance and Diverse Learners, Work-Based Learning, or Academics, to drive to the rear of the building for entry. You can park in the designated parking spaces on the side of the building, then walk up the ramp to be buzzed in to enter the Guidance Office.

    TENGA EN CUENTA: Davies está tomando medidas para estar lo más seguro posible. Como parte de nuestra nueva Políza de Invitados / Visitantes, requerimos que los Invitados / Visitantes que tienen asuntos oficiales con la Oficina de Orientación y Aprendizajes Diversos, Aprendizaje Basado en el Trabajo o Académicos, conduzcan a la parte trasera del edificio para entrar. Puede estacionarse en los espacios de estacionamiento designados en el lado del edificio y luego subir la rampa para entrar a la Oficina de Orientación.