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Clubs & Activities

After-School Clubs and Activities

Davies provides students the opportunity to pursue a variety of interests and passions through clubs and activities. Club offerings may vary throughout the year and include...

Crime Scene Investigation/Forensics

For lovers of CSI, the Crime Scene Investigation/Forensics club allows students to learn more about securing a crime scene, gathering and bagging evidence, fingerprinting, general law enforcement principles, and how to become a forensics collector/scientist.

Gender Sexuality Alliance Club

The Gender Sexuality Alliance Club is a safe place for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or identity. We meet 1x or 2x a month to discuss issues in the LGBTQQ community, to create and express ourselves through art and/or writing, play games, promote tolerance, and just hangout. We'd love to see you! Please contact Mrs. Maculan or Mrs. Clancy with any questions. 


The photography club allows our students to explore their artistic visions while learning more about camera techniques. We cover techniques such as wide-angle, panoramic, and close-up shots, to bring your love of taking pictures to the next level.

RISD Design Connection

Do you love to paint, draw, and express yourself through art? The RISD Design Connection allows students to work with a professional artist to create a large mural inside the Davies campus.

Tech Connection

Do you love geometry, hand and power tools, teamwork, art, and construction? Help build a huge geodesic dome to be displayed on the Davies campus. These futuristic-looking structures look like half spheres, made of many triangle supports, and can be found in parks, athletic stadiums, theme parks, and more across the world.

SAT Prep

Understanding the SAT test itself can be a big factor in students’ performance. In SAT Prep, we learn more about the test that is required for most college admissions and the strategies you can use to get the highest possible score.

Math and Writing Centers

Drop into the Math and Writing Center every week to get help from a teacher. Whether you are struggling with math or writing, or need help with an upcoming common task or summative assessment, our centers are there when you need them. No signup necessary!

We also offer...

  • Dance Class
  • Robotics Club
  • Yearbook