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Get Ready for Your School Year

 We know remote learning affected each and every student differently. Davies wants each of you to feel prepared and ready for September. We have created a Get Ready program to help you close your learning gaps and get ready for your school year. 

 Each grade level has Get Ready Courses* and Refresher Activities to help each of you practice what you need to know and understand to start your coursework this upcoming school year. Please take some time to prepare by completing the Refresher Activities and/or Get Ready Course for classes you are scheduled to take this coming school year. 

 A Refresher Activity is designed to give you extra practice in baseline skills like arithmetic, reading, and writing, to help fill your learning gaps. 

A Get Ready Course is designed to give you a preview of what to expect in your upcoming classes to help you get a head start on learning.

Click on your grade level below to access your grade playlist and information.

9th grade PDF Version

10th grade PDF Version

11th grade PDF Version

12th grade PDF Version


*Please note that these courses do not count for credit, rather are provided as enrichment to help close learning gaps before students begin their school year.