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Prepare RI Internship Program 2021 Innovation challenge

For six weeks, 275 Rhode Island high school students have been innovating, learning, and competing in the PrepareRI Innovation Challenge. 25 of those students were from Davies.

Sixteen local organizations presented real-world problem statements. These are the solutions.

Congratulations to the Davies and other local students who participated in this great program.

  1. Grullón, Austin from Automotive Careers
  2. Loredo, Gianni from Automotive Careers
  3. Bailey, Jaylen from Biomanufacturing Technology
  4. Bears, Mitchael from Biomanufacturing Technology
  5. Gomes, Dejane from Biomanufacturing Technology
  6. Goncalves, Kaishawn from Biomanufacturing Technology
  7. Gonzalez, Jessica from Biomanufacturing Technology
  8. Mateo, Alan from Biomanufacturing Technology
  9. Rodriguez, Alyn from Biomanufacturing Technology
  10. Carvalho, Cacilda from Cosmetology
  11. Gonzalez, Kairy from Cosmetology
  12. Allen, Starlynn from Graphics & Interactive Media
  13. Castro, Anthony from Graphics & Interactive Media
  14. Mangeni, Samuel from Graphics & Interactive Media
  15. Mejia, Karina from Graphics & Interactive Media
  16. Rawson, Meghan from Graphics & Interactive Media
  17. Kelly, Jake from Graphics & Interactive Media
  18. Long, Jaidyn from Health Careers
  19. Cofsky, Brady from Machine Technology
  20. Alves, Bethany from Pre-Engineering Technology
  21. Chin, Aila from Pre-Engineering Technology
  22. Collins-Mena, Axcell from Pre-Engineering Technology
  23. Garcia, Giselle from Pre-Engineering Technology
  24. Oliva Sanchez, Ruth from Pre-Engineering Technology
  25. Quiroa, Daniel from Pre-Engineering Technology

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