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National Honor Society 2022

The National Honor Society was formed in 1921.  Over one million students are estimated to participate in the National Honor Society. Since 1946, the National Honor Society has given out more than $15 million in scholarship awards.

Students who join Davies National Honor Society have a 3.75 GPA or higher, show leadership qualities, integrity, and are required to serve 20 service hours helping with different projects and Davies students far exceed those hours.



The National Honor Society Pledge

I pledge to uphold

The high purposes of the National Honor Society

to which I have been selected;

I will be true to the principles for which it stands;

And will maintain and encourage

High standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Officers!
 President Toren Kieon
 Vice President Meilin Quiroa
 Secretary Genesis Phillips
 Historian Megan Rawson
 Parliamentarian Sarah Capuano

Congratulations to those newly identified candidates!

Grade Name
12 Abbruzzese, Abigail P.
12 Andrade, Savennah A.
12 Avelar, Liliana A.
12 Babbidge, Holland E.
12 Boykin, Jasai H.
12 Cassidy, Aeden C.
12 Castro, Anthony J.
12 Chin, Aila S.
12 Collins-Mena, Axcell R.
12 DaSilva, Crystal-Lee C.
12 DeMoura, Tyler J.
12 Gbemisola, Sandra O.
12 Genereux, Benjamin P.
12 Gonzalez, Jessica M.
12 Heine, Zakary B.
12 Johnson, Anyah
12 Kelly, Jake J.
12 Kieon, Toren A.
12 Kravitz, Matthew B.
12 Martinez, Victor M.
12 Medeiros, Jayden D.
12 Mejia, Karina Y.
12 Melia, Panida C.
12 Mira, Tatiana Y.
12 Morales, Nayely S.
12 Muthersbaugh, Hunter J.
12 Olivo, Leyla M.
12 Pereira, David A.
12 Pereira, Joshua M.
12 Preira, Jean Marie L.
12 Rawson, Haleigh E.
12 Rodriguez, Alyn V.
12 Rodriguez, Julian E.
12 Samate, Mareme
12 Scribner, Jared W.
12 Semedo, Christian B.
12 Shea, Alina S.
12 Tavares, Dorothy S.
12 Tran, Kelvin H.
12 Tremblay, Noelle O.
12 Vargas, Noah L.
12 Veveiros, Mariah E.
12 Webster, Alexandria R.
12 White, Chapman C.
12 Wiggins, Gabriella R.
12 Wreczycki, Jack C.
11 Abicha, Nour
11 Abicha, Nour
11 Akomolafe, Toluwani B.
11 Amado, Isabella E.
11 Amorim, Brendan
11 Angel-Barrios, Marsha G.
11 Baptista, Sandy M.
11 Benitez, Emily
11 Borges, Rodilson
11 Cabreja, David
11 Campanelli, Noah G.
11 Cante, Wilbert
11 Chica Blandon, Sara
11 Cobb, Megan E.
11 Costa, Daunte A.
11 Cubias, Rachell A.
11 Del Carmen Pena, Amber M.
11 DeLaCruz, Victoria
11 Delille, Regina
11 Diop, Ramatoulaye
11 Ducharme, Jack R.
11 Dufault, Jayda A.
11 Dumont, Nevaeh R.
11 Dunn, William J.
11 Fernandes, Rick M.
11 Florentino, Romina
11 Folarin, Faizah Y.
11 Gaviria, Juliana
11 Gaye, Fatou
11 Giwa, Kanz K.
11 Gomes, Kyanna D.
11 Gonzalez, Liliana
11 Gonzalez, Taina A.
11 Goodreau, Skyler J.
11 Graveline, Blake H.
11 Iglesias, Lizmarie R.
11 Jean-Baptiste, Joshua G.
11 Johnson, LeaVanni M.
11 Labossiere, Adria
11 Machado Lopes Correa, Ayl
11 Male, Aissatou F.
11 Mejia Umanzor, Gerson J.
11 Mercado, Sean L.
11 Mercedes, Jaden A.
11 Monteiro, Jayden
11 Montepeque-Perry, Matthew
11 Montoya, Daniela
11 Moreira, Leilah R.
11 Nestor, Edgar
11 Nocks, Jenna F.
11 Ortellado, Hailey J.
11 Otele, John O.
11 Padilla, Mauricio I.
11 Picon Ruiz, Jonathan G.
11 Preira, Marc A.
11 Reis, Leah B.
11 Restrepo, Luisa M.
11 Rodriguez, Aliesh
11 Rodriguez, Jada
11 Rodriguez, Olivia A.
11 Santos, Hellen K.
11 Saunders, Emily R.
11 Shaw, Melvin L.
11 Shode, Fatima O.
11 Smith, Maggie M.
11 Turchetta, Jacob D.
11 Ventura-Carreiro, Amaya L
11 Viamontes, Aliyah B.
11 Victorino, Ammy V.
11 Wijerathnayapa, Ethan
10 Alcantara, Emely S.
10 Babcock, Noelle M.
10 Baez-Estevez, Jadrianny
10 Barcelos, Alannah A.
10 Barrera, Ezequiel
10 Bennett, Evan D.
10 Bizzle, Carissah M.
10 Brauner, Emily J.
10 Brown, Joslyn M.
10 Campbell, Zaria-Lynn C.
10 Chiaverini, Sara A.
10 Cortez, Jeilyn A.
10 Cote, Aiden J.
10 Cuello, Krystal Y.
10 DeLeon Aguilar, Ryan J.
10 Delgado, Jack C.
10 Dias, Aiyanna M.
10 Dowicki, Austin
10 Dubois, Michael S.
10 Ferreira, Diego
10 Forero, Sebastian A.
10 Fortes, Jayden D.
10 Garcia, Brianna
10 Garcia, Maiah E.
10 Grullon, Samantha A.
10 Hunt, Sara E.
10 Joseph, Mia G.
10 Lopez, Diana C.
10 Louis, Sandra S.
10 Martinez, Yazmin
10 Mbaye, Ahmadu M.
10 Mbaye, Fatima K.
10 Milian Morales, Victoria
10 Moats, Bridget M.
10 Montoya, Daniela
10 Nichols, Adacelys H.
10 Oule, Sharon B.
10 Ramirez, Daniel E.
10 Restrepo, John A.
10 Restrepo, Matthew S.
10 Rodriguez, Gabriela A.
10 Santos, Kila R.
10 Saunders, Madison D.
10 Schenck, Eric A.
10 Smith, Julia M.
10 Torres, Nakeisha S.
10 Trudel, Relena S.
10 Urzua, Balesca
10 Victorino, Mia K.
10 Villasenor, Eduardo
10 Waters, Lyndsay A.

National Honor Society of the Davies Chapter Selection Procedure Description 2021

The National Honor Society chapter of William M. Davies, Jr. Career and Technical High School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization. Membership is open to those students who meet the required standards in four areas of evaluation: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students are selected for membership by majority vote of a five-member principal-appointed faculty council, which bestows this honor upon qualified students on behalf of the faculty of our school each May.

Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 are eligible for membership. For the scholarship criterion, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better on a 4.0 scale. Each fall, those students who meet this criterion are invited to complete a Candidate Form that provides the faculty council with information regarding the candidate’s leadership and service. 

There are requirements that each candidate must fulfill as part of their candidate information form.  You must participate in at least two student activity and/or organizations and complete 12.5 hours of documented individual community service hours as well as 12.5 hours of group service hours each year for a total of 25 hours.

To evaluate a candidate’s character, the faculty council uses three forms of input. First, school disciplinary records are reviewed. Second, members of the faculty are solicited for input regarding their professional reflections on a candidate’s service activities, character, and leadership. Third, one faculty, from a core academic subject, and one outside/non-core faculty recommendation is required.

Any solicited faculty input, recommendations, and all Candidate Forms are carefully reviewed by the faculty council to determine membership. A majority vote of the council is necessary for selection. The recommended candidates for membership list is then sent for review by the director.  Candidates are notified regarding selection or non-selection according to a predetermined schedule.

Following notification, a formal induction ceremony is held at the school to recognize all the newly selected members. Once inducted, new members are required to maintain the same level of performance (or better) in all four criteria that led to their selection.