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Rising Senior Night (For Juniors) - Information

The following information was distributed at Rising Senior Night on March 16th.

Rising Senior Night presentation document in English and Spanish

Parent Survey Response Questions and Answers

Answers provided by Mrs. Mello,

One parent asked for more information about free college and getting help from the Army without joining

1. College is only free through the RI Promise at CCRI.
  • There are guidelines that students need to follow in order to qualify for free college at CCRI.  All of that info can be found at the link above.
  • Also, in Oct. 2023, I am going to be conducting a presentation about the RI Promise. The reason I did not fully touch upon that at Rising Senior Night is because yearly CCRI updates and changes the RI Promise rules and guidelines. I was waiting until they released the 2023-2024 guidelines.
2. The Army does not help with college or anything else UNLESS you join.

Another parent asked for more information about a senior day, such as the difference between our a/f week schedule.

3. Senior Schedule: A and F week.  A and F week schedules are different for all students based on their courses, their educational needs or what shop they are in.  The shop teachers and advisory teachers review the schedule for next year when it's released to the seniors.

If you have questions, please reach out to the presenter directly. Thank you.

Office of Workforce Development - Susan Votto

Class of 2024 Guidance Counselor - Amie Mello

Class of 2024 Advisor - Kristin San Bento

Por favor comuníquese con la Sra. Morrobel, Enlace Bilingüe de Padres al 401-335-5596 o si necesita traducción.