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Seal of Biliteracy 2023

Seal of Biliteracy 2023

On Thursday May 25, 2023, Davies celebrated the achievement of 22 students that qualified for either silver or gold seals on their diplomas with a beautiful breakfast. The students took the test in 3 different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, & Arabic), and students are receiving seals identifying their literacy in two languages. Congratulations to our recipients, and thank you to Hospitality Careers for breakfast with exceptional service.

7 Gold, 15 Silver

Recipients included:

Nour Abicha  Silver
Vicente Ballesteros  Gold
Emily Benitez   Silver
David Cabreja   Silver
Dayana Cano  Gold
Wilbert Cante  Silver
Victoria DeLaCruz  Gold
Romina Florentino  Gold
Juliana Gaviria  Gold
Priscilla Grajales  Silver
Adrianna Jean-Gilles  Silver
Lisette Martinez  Silver
Edgar Nestor  Gold
Jeremy Ortega  Silver
Jennifer Ramirez  Silver
Luisa Restrepo  Gold
Ronal Rivas  Silver
Layla Sicard  Silver
Cynthia Solis  Silver
Brian Yol  Silver
Aliesh Rodriguez  Silver
Demitri Taveras  Silver