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Director's April Update

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After-School Activities

Thursday (4/11)After School Clubs and Tutoring:

Book Club with Mrs. Meyer
Chess Club with Mr. Fox & Mr. Johnson
Math tutoring with Mrs. Patalano
Music Club with Mr. Nesse
Art Club with Mrs. Cordo
Gaming Club with Mr. Keens and Mr. Conley
Talent Show Teams Meeting (Mandatory) with Jax
NHS Tutoring



Monday, April 8:
Boys Volleyball - Home vs. Scituate/Prout co-op @ Davies Gymnasium (JV-4:30pm/Varsity-6:00pm)
Girls Softball - Home vs. Central @ Davies Softball Field (5:00pm)
Baseball - Away vs. Rogers @ Cardines Field (5:00pm)
Tuesday, April 9:
Boys Volleyball - Away vs. Tolman/Shea co-op @ Tolman High School (5:00pm)
Wednesday, April 10:
Baseball - Home vs. North Smithfield @ Davies Baseball Field (3:30pm)
Girls Softball - Home vs. Tiverton @ Davies Softball Field (4:00pm)
Thursday, April 11:
Boys Volleyball - Home vs. Achievement First @ Davies Gymnasium (4:00pm)
Girls Softball - Away vs. Cranston East @ Brayton Avenue Softball Complex (4:45pm)
Friday, April 12:
Baseball - Away vs. Blackstone Valley Prep/Central Falls co-op @ Macomber Stadium (5:00pm)


Please stand for the pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Please be seated.

Good Morning, Davies! Today is Thursday, April 11, 2024. Today is a D-day.

Good Morning, Davies! Today is Friday, April 12, 2024. Today is an E-day.

  • Today for lunch, it's honey mustard bbq chicken sandwiches.
  • Today for lunch, it's National Grilled Cheese Day.
  • Come join us at the Spring Dance on April 27 7pm-10pm in the Gym! The class of 2026 is hosting a Sneaker Ball. Everyone must wear sneakers to this event! Tickets will be sold by Mrs. Underhill. Tickets are $10. Please be sure to bring cash or a check only. Tickets will be on sale from April 10-24. 
  • Talent Show Tickets are on sale now! The one-night only event is a student-run 2000s-themed fundraiser for SkillsUSA on May 3rd. You are not going to want to miss this show that has sold out in the past 2 years. Buy while you can from Chef Hernandez, Jax, Mr. Nesse. Tickets are $7 but buy 4 tickets for $25 - a three dollar savings. Cash or check only! 
  • There is a mandatory meeting  today after school in the Patriot room for all raffle, concession, and front of house teams. If you do not attend, you will forfeit your position in the talent show. Performers and backstage stage crew do not need to attend, they should be prepared for rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday after the break.
  • Tomorrow is the National Day of Silence, a peaceful protest in support of those silenced by harassment, bullying, and prejudice. All are welcome to participate. You can find more information or register at to help notify teachers about which students are participating. On Friday, think about the voices you aren't hearing and ask yourself; what will you do to break the silence?
  • (Announce on 4/8, 4/22, 4, 29, 4/26) Students, Let your voices be heard! The next School-Wide Student Council meeting will be on Thursday, May 2nd after school. Please contact Mrs. Cipolla with any questions. All are welcome to attend! 
  • A reminder of upcoming mandatory state testing dates:
    Science/11th grade May 1st
    *Early dismissal all day
    *Extra credit and incentives available 
  • The Davies Student Gallery is looking for creators and artists to submit artwork for an exhibition. Visit to submit artwork for upcoming exhibitions.  
  • Drip@Davies
    • Drip@Davies has winter coats for you! If you or someone from home needs a winter coat, reach out to Mr. Hall (, Mrs. Plante (, Miss Louis ( or any other adult you trust and we will arrange a time to look through our selection.
    • What are the two words that this society loves? Free and thrift! Come down to Drip@Davies, we have everything you may need, from pants, and scrubs to undergarments and shoes. It's located near the library in the basement. We will open on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS. 7-7:30 am. Come by to check it out!
  • The Office of Workforce Development would like to remind the students working toward their work-based learning requirements to hand in their blue sheets or pay stubs to their technical teachers to get credit for their hours.
  • The Pantriot - is open for students and their families experiencing food insecurity. No one should be hungry. We are here to help. It's free and confidential. Sign up at or reach out to Mrs. Cipolla or a teacher you trust.
  • All students must carry their badges and use them to open doors. It is not the responsibility of staff to let you through doors if you have access by using your badge key card.
  • Sign Davies' Community Cultural Compact!
    The DCCC is a promise made to students, faculty, staff, and the entire Davies community that we are open and willing to work on issues related to equity and justice. This compact sets a standard of treatment for all community members, holding us all to ideals that will inform how staff are trained and what is expected of students. The Social Justice Club welcomes you to read and sign Davies' Community Cultural Compact!

Thank you. Have a Davies day*!

*A "Davies day" is a day that is both productive and beneficial to your future.

A message from the Facilities Department:

  • A reminder to all students participating in after-school activities: please utilize the trash cans. Do not leave trash around our school. Please do your part to help.
  • A reminder to all faculty and staff: please only park in designated areas. Thank you.
    • To all students, staff, and faculty -- the facilities department would like to remind you to only park in appropriate parking spaces. With the snow and sanding, it has become increasingly difficult for them when you don't park in the right place. Do not park outside any part of the building, ONLY PARK IN A PARKING SPACE IN THE PARKING LOT. If you don't know what an appropriate parking spot is, look on the ground for the parking lines and ensure there are no signs designating the space for another purpose. They appreciate your compliance.  (Staff parking policy, see page 44 or Student Parking Policy, page 36)

Join the Davies Student Council!  All students are welcome to join! 🌟 Unlock Your Potential 🌟
📢 Raise Your Voice 📢
Make a difference in your school and community by sharing your ideas and advocating for positive change.
🤝 Develop Leadership Skills 🤝
Build your leadership skills and gain valuable experience that will benefit you throughout life such as community collaboration and inclusivity.
👫 Forge Lifelong Friendships 👬
Connect with like-minded peers, create lasting friendships, and be a part of a supportive community.
🌱 Grow as an Individual 🌱
Develop problem-solving skills, time management, and teamwork abilities that will prepare you for the future.
🎉 Plan Exciting Activities 🎉
Work in collaboration with class councils organize memorable events, dances, and fundraisers that will make your high school years unforgettable.
🎓 Boost Your College and Employment Applications 🎓
Showcase your commitment to service and leadership on college applications and impress future employers.
All Meetings will be held once a month on Thursday afternoons from 2- 3:45 in room 016 Mrs. Cipolla’s Classroom (We will meet in the cafeteria for a snack first)
📅 Meeting Dates 2023-2024 May 2, June 6
Student Council Officer Elections will be held in January! Email Mrs. Cipolla@ for additional information.

SAT PREP April 6SkillsUSA RI Awards ceremony March 27 6pmBook Drive MarchDavies Art Gallery

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