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Join the FEND Movement! New App for students and parents.


MOXIE recently sent everyone information on the unique opioid prevention- education app FEND (Full Energy, No Drugs)  that is partnering with Rhode Island government’s Task Force on Overdose Prevention and Intervention to introduce and, with your help, bring the  app-pilot program into Rhode Island schools and to your students to educate and fight the opioid crisis. 

Check out recent coverage on ABC 6.
TO MAKE IT EASY-WORTHWHILE for this to happen, FEND has launched a high school contest where the TOP 3 winning schools will get CASH PRIZES FOR YOUR SCHOOL of $7500, $2500, & $1500 to use as you deem best for your school.

FEND provides teens with relevant and relatable information about opioids (prescription painkillers, heroin and fentanyl), other commonly misused prescription meds (such as Xanax), and tips for mental wellness and resiliency. The interactive info-quiz “journey” can be completed in 30-minutes, with students earning points as they go through it. Once they’ve completed the journey, students can redeem their points for $10 gift cards, concert tickets and more.
FAST & EASY: All students have to do to claim these awesome rewards is:

  • Download the FEND app
  • Watch some videos and complete a few quizzes (30 mins)

Once the “app journey” is completed students will AUTOMATICALLY earn a $10 gift certificate of their choice from Amazon, Best Buy, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks and be automatically entered to win concert tickets to shows in the area this fall.
IDEAS on HOW to can get the word out:

  • Email to staff, parents & students
  • School & student organization websites & socials
  • FEND posters-videos-download here
  • In-school announcements
  • In-school video broadcasts
  • article in school newspaper


Student/s create-submit a relevant, engaging, & entertaining 1-3 minute video PSA (public service announcement) based on themes found in the FEND app which may include reducing stigma, staying safe at parties, overdoses, dealing with hard times, getting help…or anything THEY find relevant


  • To be eligible to enter this competition, high schools must first have 300 students OR 30% of the student body download and complete the FEND app journey, which can be completed in as few as 30-minutes (or done over a couple of sittings).
  • The competition is open to all high schools in Rhode Island
  • Schools can submit as many videos as they like. The best one from EACH school will be selected, put into a finalist pool, and from there the 3 winners will be determined.
  • *The video can be created by an individual student or as a school-wide project.

* Students must complete the FEND app journey to be counted in the school tally. You can see how your school is progressing on the table here This table is updated every 24 hours.
*Students who complete the FEND app journey will ALSO get a $10 gift card from Amazon, Best Buy, Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. There are movie tickets and music concerts tickets up for grabs.
JUDGING: MOXIE, FEND, and the Governor’s office will judge and select the winners on the basis of the following criteria: originality (25%), creativity (25%), self-expression (25%), and inspirational quality (25%).

All eligible entries must be successfully uploaded by midnight Eastern Standard Time at the end of the day on Thursday , October 31, 2019. Prize recipients will be announced on on November 8th, 2019.
PRIZES for SCHOOL: FIRST PLACE: $5000 ∗ SECOND PLACE: $3500 ∗ Third Place: $1500

Questions etc? Please contact Teresa at

LINKS: FEND contest page ∗ ∗ RI GOVERNER'S OFFICE press release ∗ download posters & materials ∗


FEND (Full Energy, No Drugs) is a different kind of drug education and prevention campaign that combines evidence-based research, gamification, and rewards. FEND uses technology to  reach out to teenagers and teach about the risks associated with opioids and other prescription drugs, as well as the importance of mental wellness and where youths who may be struggling with mental health or substance use issues can seek help.
FEND is a partnership between the Preventum Initiative, Inc (a 501(c)3 non-profit), and Governor Raimondo’s Task Force on Overdose Prevention and Intervention. FEND is funded by corporate donations and the State Opioid Response. The pilot targets 15- to 18-year-olds across Rhode Island and will run until October 31st, 2019.


Is this legit?
Absolutely! FEND is an evidence-based program that's rolling out in Rhode Island as a pilot in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral and Mental Health, and the Governor’s Taskforce on Overdose Prevention and Intervention. 
How is FEND different?
FEND is not a one-size-fits-all program. We use gamification, and machine learning to provide an individual experience. We also provide community resources to insure that the information you have is accurate, relevant and local.

Why an app? 
We figured out some time ago that preaching 'to the kids' on TV and billboards wasn't going to cut it. If we wanted to make a real difference we'd need two-way communication. Delivering FEND via an app allows us to start a conversation, collect meaningful data points and improve our entire approach as we progress.

Why videos and quizzes?
A huge part of what makes FEND different is that we collect constant feedback and make changes accordingly to make sure we have the best chance of achieving our goals. Videos can convey so much information, meaning and emotion while the quizzes complete the feedback loop.

What will you do with it all?
Our ultimate goal is to roll out FEND to every high schooler in the country and put an end to the opioid crisis. Rhode Island is one of the first steps along this journey. We have a very strict data policy that insures that all data collected is de-identified. The data is not sold or used for any purpose other than improving health and wellness outcomes for youth in Rhode Island.
What else can I do to help?
Tell any high schooler you know to download and complete the FEND app. We need to reach as many young people as possible. Help us spread the word through social channels, youth groups, sports clubs, and your school.