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Senior Update

Upcoming Broadcast and Diploma Pick-Up Live Stream information:

Davies Celebrates the Class of 2020
Broadcast Television
June 11th at 7:30PM on NBC10 
June 11th at 10:30PM on MeTV
Watch MeTV On These Channels
Over The Air - Digital ch.10-2
Cox Communications - ch. 810
Verizon FiOS - ch. 460
Full Channel - ch. 190
Comcast - ch. 290 
June 13th at 6PM on Capitol Television
Cox Communications - ch. 15, 61, & HD1061
Verizon Fios - ch. 34
Full Channel - ch.15
June 14th at 5PM on The Ocean State Network
Cox ch. 5 & HD1005
June 11th at 7:30PM at
Diploma Pick-Up Day
A shorter version of the 8 hour live stream will be made available in the near future.
All photos and videos will be made available to the students via Davies' Google Drive. They will need their email to access the files.
Questions/Problems: Email

6/2/20 - From Director Flynn-Tabloff regarding Diploma Pick-up Day June 12th
Hello Seniors,
You're at the final stretch!  Please review the linked video to learn about wrapping up the school year and details for the Diploma Pick-Up event scheduled for June 12th.
The other document lists your assigned time to show up on June 12th.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Have a great week - 
Mr. FT
Video explaining the day
A list of arrival times for students to recieve their diplomas
5/26/2020 - From Profe. Bishop, Class of 2020 Advisor - 
Hi everyone.  Here's the latest news on cap and gowns:
SOME of your items have arrived (about half).  If you got an email from me last week saying yours was here, you can pick it up THURSDAY, 11-4 by driving up to Davies.  See the rules in the original email or at the end of this email.

SOME of your items should be arriving almost any time now.  This includes just about everyone who ordered by the end of April.  As soon as those items arrive, I will email you to let you know that your gear has arrived and set up the next pick updates (same rules as below).
A FEW of you who ordered quite late still have a little longer to wait but our company representative assures me ALL items will be here before the June 12th diploma day.  We will arrange more pickup dates to give everyone a chance to get their gear.  
EVERYONE gets a tassel - even if you didn't order a cap and gown, we will have a tassel for you.  I'll let you know when those arrive and when you can pick them up (same rules as below).
Drive-by pick up rules:
  • Please do not come to pick up unless I've emailed to tell you I have your items.
  • You MUST be wearing a mask.
  • You MUST stay in your car.
  • When you arrive at Davies, text your name to me at 401-753-4878, and I'll hand in your item.
  • You MAY pick up items for friends ONLY if that friend emails me from their school email to give permission.
  • When you have your items, please leave Davies promptly.  No gathering in the parking lot or hanging around to socialize.
Tips for preparing/caring for your cap and gown
  • When you get home, take the gown out of the bag right away.
  • Make sure it fits.  Any problems, email Profe Bishop RIGHT AWAY!
  • Put it on a hanger to give time for the wrinkles to smooth out.  Hanging in the bathroom is best because the steam from the shower will help remove wrinkles.
  • Ironing the gown is NOT recommended because the nylon fabric can melt!  If you really think you must iron it, set the iron to very, very low heat.
Caps - These things just don't want to stay on anyone's head!  Invest in some bobby pins or hair clips - yes, even guys.  Trust me.  You'll thank me when you don't have to spend every minute holding the silly thing on your head!
Tassels - Every year, kids lose tassels.  Loop the cord TWICE around the button on the top of the cap.  Pull the cord tight.  It's sad how many people lose these. 

5/20/2020 - Watch Senior Awards now! Available at

5/14/2020 - FAFSA support information:

5/12/2020 - A senior meeting occurred. The following documents were released following the meeting.

Memo 8 regarding final senior activities. (English and Spanish)

Powerpoint showed during the meeting in English. For the Spanish version, please click here. 

A video message from the Davies Community to the Class of 2020.

5/7/2020To the Class of 2020 and their families: We appreciate your patience as we prepare to honor our Seniors. Many have requested yard signs. They are available to everyone in our community thanks to Davies Alumni owned Formatt Printing. Customization and more sizes are available! Call 401-475-666 or email to start your order!

Nos gustaría informarle que, una empresa local de un graduado alumno, Formatt Printing nos está ayudando a proporcionarle a la comunidad con carteles de celebración. Si desea un letrero o cartel para su hogar, comuníquese con Matt al 401-475-6666 o para comenzar su pedido. 

Yard Signs

18" x 24" includes 2 sided color printing and lawn stake

  • 1 for $20
  • 2 for $36



2' x 4' or 2' x 6' includes color printing

  • 1 for $29


Customization and more sizes are available. Call Davies' Alumni Matt '78 at Formatt Printing.

Senior Signs
4/27/2020 New information for seniors on FAFSA available here: Student Resources

Director Flynn-Tabloff held a talk with Seniors regarding future activities. Please listen for an update. Click here for a direct link to YouTube.


In brief:

Graduation Requirements - The requirements have not changed.
Senior Awards - Cancelled until further notice.
Senior Trip - Cancelled. Refunds will be issued.
Senior Prom - August 14th, Crowne Plaza, Warwick. (Updated 4/8/2020)
Graduation - Backup date scheduled.

Full Transcript (with 4/8/2020 updates in English and Spanish):

All of us at the school recognizes that this is particularly difficult for the Seniors.  [Todos nosotros en la escuela reconocemos que esto es particularmente difícil para los estudiantes en el último año.]

Everything that you're going through and you're all really stressed about the fact that you could potentially miss out on some of the Senior Rites of Passage that you've been working towards, like graduation and prom. The administration team is doing everything we can to come up with solutions for those issues. We're going to discuss graduation requirements, Senior awards, Senior trip, and graduation. [Vamos a discutir los requisitos de graduación, los premios, el viaje y la graduación.]

You absolutely will not have to repeat the year if you meet graduation requirements. Our graduation requirements have not changed. You still have to pass the same classes, the same number of credits and do your proficiency-based graduation requirement. A reminder -- graduation requirement is 50-hour minimum work-based learning or the alternative project if you were ineligible for based learning. It's a proficient resume -- the vast majority of you have completed but a few of you have edits to do. Finally, it's a mock interview, if you have not already secured a job through our school with a competitive process. I think there's only maybe roughly 50 of you that have to do the mock interview. The rest of you, if you already got a job, you did it through an interview.

[Absolutamente no tendrán que repetir el año si cumplen con los requisitos de graduación. Nuestros requisitos de graduación no han cambiado. Aún deben aprobar las mismas clases, la misma cantidad de créditos y cumplir con los requisitos de graduación basados ​​en su competencia. Como recordatorio-- El requisito de graduación es un aprendizaje basado en el trabajo no mínimo de 50 horas o el proyecto alternativo si no era elegible para el aprendizaje basado. Es un currículo competente: la gran mayoría de ustedes ya han completado este proceso, pero algunos de ustedes tienen ediciones para hacer.  Finalmente, una entrevista simulada, si aún no han asegurado un trabajo en nuestra escuela con un proceso competitivo. Creo que solo hay aproximadamente 50 de ustedes que tienen que hacer la entrevista simulada. El resto de ustedes, lo hicieron a través de una entrevista, si ya obtuvieron un trabajo.]

The next thing I want to clarify is around Senior Awards Night which was scheduled for April 20th. That night will not be happening. School is fully closed for the entire month of April, so there will not be a Senior Awards Night on April 20th. However, we are still awarding every recognition that we would have given if school was in session. [No habrá una Noche de Premios para los estudiantes del último año el 20 de abril. Sin embargo, todavía estamos otorgando todos los reconocimientos que hubiéramos dado si la escuela estuviera operativa]  That includes scholarships, book awards, smaller financial awards, Student of the Year, Valedictorian, & Salutatorian. All of that recognition will still be awarded but we will not be having an in-person awards night in April. If we're able to go back to school before the end of the year we will reschedule another day for that to happen.

Unfortunately, I made the tough decision that the Senior trip has to be cancelled. [El viaje para los estudiantes del último año fue cancelado]You were supposed to go in May and I do not foresee travel being allowed by that time. Nor do I foresee Disney being open by then, so Senior trip is, unfortunately, fully canceled. You should not lose money because Disney is giving full refunds and I believed you were flying Southwest.

The day that your prom is scheduled for May 8th is still scheduled at the same location. The only way that I would cancel your prom would be if I was forced to by an order from the Governor or from the Department of Health. If by that date in May, all the social distancing and all of these restrictions on groups is still in place, then we cannot hold prom on that day. If those restrictions are removed by then, then we will. Mrs. Hellman and I have secured a backup date. It’s less-than-ideal. It's at the same location and it would be August 14th. [La Sra. Hellman y yo hemos asegurado una fecha alternativa. Es menos que ideal. Será el 14 de agosto en el mismo lugar] .We booked it really far out as a worst-case scenario that everything going on with COVID-19 continues through the summer. I'm pretty confident by the summer things should be relatively back to normal, in that there wouldn't be any more restrictions on groups again. Your prom is still on, at the same location but if we can't hold it we will hold it in May, it will be at the same location on August 14th.

Lastly, I want to update you all on your graduation. Your graduation is currently scheduled at the Stadium Theater for June 11th. We are keeping that date and that location. [La graduación está actualmente programada para el 11 de junio en el Teatro Stadium y mantendremos esa fecha y esa ubicación.]  However, the same thing as the prom, if we can't hold large group gatherings per the Governor and the Department of Health, then your graduation will be moved to August 26th. A lot of schools are just canceling these things. I don't want to do that. I want to hold them even if it's months later because I think you deserve them and your families deserve them as well. [Si no podemos celebrar reuniones en grupos grandes según la Gobernadora y el Departamento de Salud, entonces su graduación será el 26 de agosto. Muchas escuelas simplemente han cancelado este evento. No quiero hacer eso. Quiero retenerlo aunque sea meses después porque creo que lo merecen y que sus familias también lo merecen].