From Director Flynn-Tabloff

We are gearing up for the start of remote classes this Wednesday.  Remember - your remote classes start this Wednesday at 7:45am.  You should be ready to report to your period 1 Zoom meeting at that time.
If you have reported a technology access issue to us, you must go to Davies main entrance between 7:30a and 3p tomorrow so your issue can be resolved.  You can still email our IT Coordinator, Mrs. Tierney (, if you are having issues getting onto Zoom or Google Classroom before Wednesday.  Alternatively, you can report your issue by filling out this form.
We have made some tools to make it easier for you to move from one Zoom meeting to another on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Follow the information below to set up you Zoom schedule:
Follow these steps:
To locate your teacher's permanent Zoom codes, click on the Davies Zoom Directory. Feel free to save it to your Google Drive. When you click on the Zoom directory, notice that there are tabs along the bottom for each major house of the school. When on a tab, locate the specific subject area or technical area by looking for their title in yellow. The Zoom codes listed are permanent. They will not change day to day or week to week. Your teachers will not invite you to class. You should simply go to and click "Join a Meeting", then enter the code for the teacher's class you need to attend.
Next, click on the Davies Student Zoom Schedule. Once open, click "File" then "Make a Copy". Use the Zoom Directory to locate the codes for each of your teachers. Add them into your own personalized schedule. Note the code and the time that you will be attending each class. It would be helpful to leave this schedule up on your laptop as it will guide you each day. 
We met with 100's of students in our Zoom meetings on Thursday.  This document has answers to some frequently asked questions.