3.26.2020 Update from Director Flynn-Tabloff

Hello Students,

I was very pleased to hear that your first day of remote learning was a success overall. Your teachers were very happy to see you and to get back to teaching and learning.  A few important reminders and updates are below:
1. You must attend your Zoom classes on M, W, and F - follow your regular schedule by joining your teachers' Zoom rooms - you can get your teachers' Zoom codes in this Zoom Directory.
2. Overall, your teachers said that students were excellent during Zoom class meetings.  However, a few things needs to be clarified: 
a. You should have your video function on at all times - this is how the teacher knows you are there and working.  If you don't respond to teachers' prompts to put your video on or they cannot ensure your engagement, it will be reflected in your grade.  Use the "virtual background" feature if you would like.
b. You should be in a designated workspace during Zoom classes, not lounging in bed.  No one wants to see that.
c. Behave appropriately at all times.  I have instructed teachers to simply remove misbehaving students from the Zoom meeting and to not let those students back in for the day.  No one has time for nonsense right now so be on your best behavior.  Students who continually misbehave will lose privileges upon return to the building.  Again, most of you were great yesterday.
d. Make sure your Zoom account uses your full name - that's how teachers know who you are - nicknames, first names only are not enough.  Use first and last name.
3. You must complete your assigned work by the due dates/times established by your teachers.  Teachers will still update your grades in Pinnacle so you need to do your best or it will negatively impact your grades.
4. T and Th office hours are voluntary, but you should utilize them.  T and Th are also days for you to work on your assignments - there are no Zoom class meetings on these days.  Your teachers may schedule individual/small group office hour meetings with you on T and Th and you are expected to attend.
5.  Check your Google Classroom and email regularly.
In sum, you were amazing yesterday. Thanks for working through this with us - we have all been impressed by you so far.  These are stressful times - let's be supportive, cooperative, and kind.
Have a great night - period 1 on Zoom starts at 7:45am tomorrow.
Mr. FT