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  • Thursday 2-5pm Virtual Job Fair

    Attention graduating high school seniors, now is the time to define your future! Explore career and training opportunities while connecting with many local employers.

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  • Graduation 2021

    William M. Davies, Jr. Career and Technical High School will be hosting a Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2021 on June 16, 2021 at 6:00pm on the grounds of the Davies campus. Attendees will be allowed to start seating at 5:30pm. In order to be in compliance with the Rhode Island Department of Health COVID guidelines, graduates will be allowed to invite four family/friends to the event. We are unable to entertain any requests for additional spectators. The entire event will be live streamed for those that are not able to attend in person.

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  • Summer Readiness Program

    The Summer Readiness Program, July 12-15 and July 19-22, will be delivered virtually to academically prepare high school students to pursue a higher education degree. High school CTE students will receive focused instruction in college-readiness core English and Math curricula. At the start and end of the course, the ACCUPLACER placement exam will be administered to students with the intention of improving scores, thereby allowing students to more quickly enroll in college-level English and Math courses while still enrolled in high school through the state’s dual and concurrent enrollment programs.

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  • National Honor Society 2021

    The National Honor Society was formed in 1921. Over one million students are estimated to participate in the National Honor Society. Since 1946, the National Honor Society has given out more than $15 million in scholarship awards. Students who join Davies National Honor Society have a 3.75 GPA or higher, show leadership qualities, integrity, and are required to serve 20 service hours helping with different projects and Davies students far exceed those hours.

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  • Class of 2021 - Top 10 Students

    Congratulations to the Class of 2021. The following 10 students worked hard to be placed at the top of their class.

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Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide a challenging academic and technical education within a safe and supportive environment which ensures every industry-certified graduate is capable of pursuing higher education and becoming a productive participant in today’s workforce.

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The Career and Tech Advantage

  • At Davies Career and Technical, we are not a vo-tech school. We are creators of innovators for the twenty-first century. Our students see their education in action and put their technical training to use in internships, job shadowing, and placement opportunities through Davies’ dedicated Office of Workforce Development. And through their academic skills, they strive to not only pursue their dreams, but to one day become leaders.

    According to a 2016 report from the Fordham Institute in Washington, D.C., the statistics are in and they show: students at career and tech schools are just as likely to pursue a four-year degree and more likely to graduate, enroll in a two-year college, and be employed. Data from the U.S. Department of Education agrees; students with industry credentials - like the ones more than 90% of our students earn at Davies - are more likely to be employed than people with academic credentials alone.

    Davies is a SkillsUSA Gold Chapter

    CollegeBoard Pre-AP School

  • Business Partners and Workforce Development

    Susan Votto, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education


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